What is an
Earth Dinner?

Become part of a growing movement of people that want to nourish Mother Earth and all of its life forms through conscious actions.


Mother Earth always nourishes us. But do we take the time to also take care of her instead of just using her resources as if they were neverending?


The Earth Dinner platform invites you

to do an act of kindness.


Collectively send a financial contribution to wonderful projects, human beings and initiatives!

However small this may be, it is welcome!
Our recomendation: Send 8 Euros per month (or two Euros per week) and this money will be distributed among the projects of the week.

Just imagine 5000 people doing this every month. It would be a lot of valuable support for a beautiful project every single week!

The Earth Dinner movement nourishes the trust and the experience of the power of collective consciousness and support dreams, visions and heart projects all over the world.

Project of the Week

Arche Noah (Austria)
Seed freedom and seed variety



IMG_4764 (1)
IMG_4764 (1)




Project of the Month

Urubamba, Peru
Individual classes with a real violin for 13 children who have finished the program "mi primera orquesta" in the sacred valley, Peru


"Be the change you want to see in the world."

Mahatma Gandhi