What is an
Earth Dinner?

Become part of a growing movement of people that want to nourish Mother Earth and all of its life forms through conscious actions.


Mother Earth always nourishes us. But do we take the time to also take care of her instead of just using her resources as if they were neverending?


The Earth Dinner platform invites you

to do two conscious actions.


1.) Leave out any act of consumption and thus give the planet time and space for regeneration and healing.


2.) Donate the value of money that you save through this act of non-consumption to the sustainable project of the week on this platform .

However small this may be, it is welcome!

Just imagine 5000 people skipping one cup of coffee per week. It would be a lot of valuable support for a sustainable project!

In fact, your contribution doesn't cost you any money because through your choice of skipping an act of consumption you create this money yourself.

Project of the Week

L'ecole Vivante (Marokko)

School project with focus on free learning, creativity, regional culture, permaculture and foreign languages


"Be the change you want to see in the world."

Mahatma Gandhi

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