Sierre Leone
10.08. - 16.08.2020

Through our partner organization Entwicklungshilfeklub we will support a project in Sierra Leona fort he first time. Here some information given by the Entwicklungshilfeklub on how our contributions are going to serve these families in Sierra Leone: 

– Starter’s packages with seeds: 
Every family receives a starter’s package with little banana and pineapple plants and local seeds with different kinds of grains, vegetables and tuber plants. With these healthy starting materials the families can then in the following years generate their own seeds! 
– Efficient agricultural techniques:
 The small farmers learn about ecological ways of farming in trainings. They learn how to farm without chemical fertilizers and pesticides and can thus contribute to more fertility and protect soil from erosion and toxical substances


Each of us has resources – every cent counts – and many of us have more abundance in our lives than we realise. It is within YOU and ME that the power lies...the power to redirect the resources spent on wasteful consumerism and invest them in activities that uplift the planet and in turn, preserve our own well-being. Let's come together and support! There is no better time than now! ❤️


Have a wonderful week and purposeful month!


Your Earth Dinner Team ❤️

The money transfer

You are invited to transfer the money that you saved by consciously skipping an act of consumption to the following bank account in Austria:

Verein Samen der Solidaritaet
IBAN AT13 3412 9000 0021 6960

Project of the Week

Within the European Union the transfer from one account to another is for free. From outside of Europe we recommend you to use TransferWise to send the money to the account of our association in Austria.

100 percent of the donations for the project of the week will be added up and directly sent to the project of the week.
There is also the possibility of making a monthly donation, which we will send alltogether to the project of the month. (Purpose: Project of the month)

If the transaction from our account to the project implies transaction fees, we deduce these from the sum of all of the participants' donations.

Thank you for sowing seeds of solidarity and sustainability with us!
Every single planted seed is precious!
Bank Account
Verein Samen der Solidarität
IBAN AT13 3412 9000 0021 6960
​0043 - 664 - 1131612


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