Campus Vivante (Marokko)
19.10. - 25.10.2020

By doing a little act of love we can strengthen and support a dream, a vision, a project every single week. This week the support goes to the free school L'Ecole Vivante in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco where among many other exciting things children learn about permaculture in a creative and practical way!

This act of love consists of the following parts:
1) Leave out any act of consumption that you don't need and that actually causes harm to mother Earth or to yourself.
2) Dedicate the saved money to the project of the week on the Earth Dinner platform.
(You can of course also send money without doing the first step ;-) )

We want to let you know in a few sentences why we’ve decided to support this project in the coming cycles of “children with future”. When a school project contains children and permaculture it turns into a highly important and worldchanging project! It allows for life on earth to change in a profound way, changing our way of looking at and of treating our mother earth.

In this public, but free school, the children are accompanied in a very individual, creative, regional and at the same time cosmopolitan way. (Following the Swiss schooling modrl Scuola Vivante) The regional Berber culture is part of the curriculum just like foreign languages, crafts and permaculture!


The children experience the importance and sustainability of ecological agriculture, they learn how to multiply seeds, how to decrease floods through building terraces, planting trees and creating green drainage systems and pass these skills on to their families.



The money transfer

You are invited to transfer the money that you saved by consciously skipping an act of consumption to the following bank account in Austria:

Verein Samen der Solidaritaet
IBAN AT13 3412 9000 0021 6960

Project of the Week

or via Paypal:
Project of the Week

Within the European Union the transfer from one account to another is for free. From outside of Europe we recommend you to use TransferWise to send the money to the account of our association in Austria.

100 percent of the donations for the project of the week will be added up and directly sent to the project of the week.
There is also the possibility of making a monthly donation, which we will send alltogether to the project of the month. (Purpose: Project of the month)

If the transaction from our account to the project implies transaction fees, we deduce these from the sum of all of the participants' donations.

Thank you for sowing seeds of solidarity and sustainability with us!
Every single planted seed is precious!
Bank Account
Verein Samen der Solidarität
IBAN AT13 3412 9000 0021 6960
​0043 - 664 - 4678822


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