Reforestation and preservation of forests
Amatreya ,Argentina



In the month of November we have already been able to raise 709 Euros for this wonderful project. You are still invited to contribute, by sending money to our account with the purpose: El fuego nos une.

The network „el fuego nos une“ (The fire unites us) was created due to the forest fires in the last weeks  in the community Amatreya in the province of Cordoba, Argentina. (video with English subtitles)

These protectors of native forest are now activating themselves in order o protect what is left of the forest , in order to accompany the regeneration of the 333 hectares of forest that burned down, in order to restore their habitat and to prevent further fires.

On the Earth Dinner platform you have the possibility to make a donation in order to accompany the community Amatreya in the following ways:


  1. By Skipping an unnecessary act of consumption and donating the value of money that you saved by doing this conscious action of non-consumption

  2. Or by  just making a donation from the heart

In both cases, when you make the payment, write “Project oft he Month“ as the purpose. Let’s collectively support Amatreya and our nature!

On the webpage, the inhabitants of the community Amatreya explain us, what has happened:

„We invite you to join the network of collaboration „el fuego nos une“ (the fire unites us), which was created due tot he fires in the bioregion that we inhabit. The purpose of this network is to collect contributions in order to be able to accompany the regeneration of the ecosystem, to restore the habitat and to receive tools for working on the prevention of further fires. Since these fires are coming every year, this is a way of preserving the forest and the mountains. So far, people from Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Chile, Brasil, Spain, France, Austria and Australia have joined this network of collaboration!

We are AMATREYA, a non-profit organization and we have been living in community en the mountains close to Alta Gracia, Cordoba, Argentina for over 20 years. We protect 400 Hectares of native forest. We are 60 people, from children to grandfathers and grandmothers, living in harmony with ourselves, with each other and with the environment. Our purpose is to live a new way of life in community, bringing consciousness down to experience, evolving inside of ourselves and manifesting a permacultural and self-sustainable way of life: Alternative education, holistic health, circular organization, natural and vegan food, agroecology and bioconstruction amongst other things.

Every year, many people that are interested in transforming their lives come to visit us, starting the change from within. We preserve the flora and fauna of these mountains, protecting them from quarries, from exploition through cattle and from other economic interests.


What happened?

For several weeks now, a part of the mountain ranges of the province of Cordoba in Argentina have been burning. According to government numbers, 191.000 hectares have burnt down so far.

This is why we and our neighbours in this bioregion were evacuated for several days. Now we are back and we are realizing what the fire has taken with it. The gardens are flowering, maintaing the food for the inhabitants and is full of insects. The majority of our buildings didn’t suffer damages either. The biggest damage happened to the native forest (333 hectares), to the community‘s  water system, to the wired fences that allow us to protect nature, to a part of our communication system, collected materials for construction, our wood shed and other things.

What do we need and why?


We need materials and / or 71.000 dollars, so we can accompany the regeneration of the native forest, restore our habitat and prevent further fires, since they are happening every year. (some are intentional or motivated by personal interests) In order to reach this goal, we have been developing various strategies:
private and public support, national and international, the collaboration network „el fuego nos une“ with microdonations from people in Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Chile, Brasil, Australia and Europe (in this parte of the world this is happening through the Earth Dinner movement.)

Further ways of collaborating:

Contribution through spreading the word: being a pollinator

The network is expanding and allows people like you and other people to get to know this cause and all this entails on a social level. It makes our experience visible and shows how we unite and complement each other in order to do our contribution for the regeneration of this planet. This function of pollinator has the purpose of expanding this cause through contacts, social media, through the actualization that we make weekly, where we share what is happening and what we are doing. There are several ways of pollinating:


Whatsapp/Telegram: send information to friends, family members and contacts that might be interested in this cause
facebook: share the publications that we write once a week on your wall and in your interest groups
instagram: share on your story
if you know an alternative digital media platform, you could give us the contact so that they can help us spread the word

We well send you the actualizations for facebook, whatsapp and telegram via whatsapp/telegram.

If you have any other idea of pollinating, please let us now!



We are receiving volunteers that want to accompany us in this moment of post-fire and support us sustaining community life (vegetable garden, fruit garden, natural nourishment, conscious construction, arts, etc.).
If you are intersted in participating write us to: