Christina Bird

Why are you actively supporting the association "Seeds of Solidarity"?

I come from India, a land of contrasts where one can find awful poverty as well as extreme luxury. When I was younger, I used to sometimes help beggars and stray animals. I soon realised that selfless acts of kindness not only make the world a better place, but they also uplift my soul.

In the act of helping someone else, we have the opportunity to acknowledge the abundance in our life. We strengthen our hearts with kindness. We participate in the circle of cosmic love. That's the magic of selfless actions – they benefit the receiver as well as the giver!

After graduating with a master's degree in public relations, I went on to work in social media marketing and content writing. Although I enjoyed my work, I didn't feel good about promoting mindless materialism. I have decided to use the same skills to promote good causes and serve the Earth and her dwellers. That's why I'm glad to be a part of Earth Dinner!