Cornelia Sterner

In my studies of sociology I very much concentrated from different angles and perspectives on the issue of "justice" and problems of society. That was how I started to doubt about many "supposed" truths and to actually look deeper.


Especially since my son was born, it's very painful for me to know that so many children and so many human beings are suffering. As a Yoga teacher I am convinced of the fact that everything is interconnected - every action has a consequence. I know that the Earth Dinner brings more peace and happiness to this planet.

Why are you actively involved in the association "Seeds of Soldiarity"?

It's a wish that comes from my heart, to help establish the Earth Dinner project and to participate every week. For me it's a project of the whole family. I want to set an example of gratitude for my son right from the start of his life on. I want to show him that sharing doesn't make us poorer, but that, on the contrary, it makes us richer.
Every week we sow a small seed that causes something positive and that helps people that are less privileged than we are. So far this project is still small, but I have the vision that by the time my son participates in it himself, it will be a big movement: a big Family that contributes to the health, independence, freedom and happiness of many people! I'm really looking forward to this!