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ESCTA Venezuela
ESCTA Venezuela

ESCTA Venezuela
ESCTA Venezuela


Doulas birth assistants in the Andes of Venezuela

A group of Venezuelan women have been training and are still training with Suely Carvalho from Brasil, the founder of the international network of ESTCA CAIS.

They were supported by buying them a Fetal Doppler ultrasound machine for hearing the heart beat of little babies before they're born and ultra sound gels.

These very motivated women are right now offering a weekly circle for pregnant women and their partners in the city of Mérida, Venezuela. There they are accompanying their physical and emotional processes. Support through the Earth Dinner Movement: Fetal Doppler (65 dollars), Gel (9 dollars), 63 dollars for buying

necessary utensils

Watch this short, subtitled video that ESCTA Venezuela sent to the Earth Dinner movement!

Short presentation video of ESCTA Venezuela with English subtitles: