Small farmer's family - Venezuela





This project takes us to the Andes of Venezuela. There we are going to support the Medina Family in a little village of the Venezuelan Andes close to La Azulita. They turn sugar cane into brown sugar cubes (so called panela). This implies a lot of work and a lot of wood in order to heat the sugar and turn it into panela. They are doing this work for the farmers in the area. They need to do some improvements so they don't need quite as much wood and they also want to change part of the system that uses diesel to electricity.

Check out this video that the Medina family has sent us so we get an idea of who and what excatly we are supporting!

We support them to become a little more efficient and to thus continue to help this region to be productive and self-reliant! Venezuela really needs dedicated farmers that treat the earth well and that can provide the Venezuelan people with high quality regional food!


1. goal: 500 dollars for the construction of a bigger stove

payment for the work, cement and clay

the bigger stove will bring the following advantages:
the sugar blocks will be produced easier and faster
less wood will be needed, since instead of three small stoves there will now be one big one.

More farmers of the area will be able to transform sugar cane into unrefined sugar blocks through the Medina family.

Each of us has resources – every cent counts – and many of us have more abundance in our lives than we realise. It is within YOU and ME that the power lies...the power to redirect the resources spent on wasteful consumerism and invest them in activities that uplift the planet and in turn, preserve our own well-being. Let's come together and support the legacy of the bees as well as Alicia and Federica’s vision. There is no better time than now! ❤️

Have a wonderful week and purposeful month!

Your Earth Dinner Team ❤️