Finca Guaicaipuro - Venezuela

Twice we have sent the money that we saved through our conscious act of skipping one act of consumption to a small-scale farming family in the Venezuelan Andes.
With our support L., V. and their four children are going to buy the materials for the construction of a greenhouse and for the completion of a dehydrating zone for medicinal herbs and fruits. They'll also be supported to get necessary materials for improving their plant nursery.

This way they'll improve their productive system and become more and more self-sufficient. They're showing the way in a country where lots of agricultural products have to be imported even though the soils are so fertile. It would take thousands of Venezuelans like this family to make Venezuela a food sovereign country! So let's support this family that is making a difference by producing food for themselves and selling the surplus on the local food market! Thank you for your precious work and may many Venezuelans be inspired by you!
We try to change the world, bit by bit, starting from our own actions and decisions. Trusting that, by increasing our consciousness and our pressure, this system will change as a whole and global wealth will hopefully soon be redistributed all over the planet in an efficient and sincere way.

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