Desert gardens - Burkina Faso

A big basin is caved out with a digger so that the rain from the rainy season can stay there for months after the end of the rainy season and be used to irrigate the fields around this baisin. 


This way, farmers are able to plant and harvest all year long and can even sell the surplus from their little vegetable patch. Parts of th desert become green again. Around the vegetable gardens a belt of trees is planted that also helps to make the whole ecosystem more humid and fertile.

Our contributions help pay the digging work and the most necessary gardening tools!


"Through this projects we want to facilitate the construction of a Bouli in the village of Oulfu. This will enable 150 families to start vegetable gardens of 150m² each, which is going to assure them food during the toughest months of drought of the year. By selling the surplus even a small income can be generated." This is how our highly estimated project partner, the Entwicklungshilfeklub describes this project. A lot more information, in German, but nowadays online translaters do a really good job, can be found on the following homepage.


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