Philipp Sudi

I'm a traveller. That's why I studied Spanish and English at university. Today I work as a Shiatsu Practitioner and Yoga Teacher, which allows me to also travel within. All together I've spent over 2 and a half years in Venezuela and a year and a half in India. These experiences have opened many horizons and have helped me come to the conclusion: We are one humanity.

Why are you actively contributing to the association Seeds of Solidarity?

Because I'm living in Austria where people have a relatively high standard of living and because I have the freedom and the desire to not just keep this privilege to myself, but to share it. I can't close my eyes any longer and say:" All of this doesn't have anything to do with myself. Poverty and inequity of resources and wealth are the poor people's fault and I'll just enjoy life in Austria."
I want to take on responsibility for what is happening on this planet and I have a strong desire for redistribution, solidarity and connection amongst human beings.
I really love this idea of making this symbolic but also very real choice in the name of solidarity towards Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants once a week. The choice of making a small change in my usual actions and that way contributing to a more humane planet. Sometimes changes are just a lot less complicated than we imagine them to be!