Electric Mill - Venezuela

Electrical mill in the Andes of Venezuela

Andres and Mariana used to grind cooking bananas and yucca with a handmill. They had the wish to buy an electrical mill in order to produce more in these difficult times in Venezuela. In order to use the flour for themselves and to sell the surplus on the local market.

By now, they are generating some money doing this. This year the access to flour has been difficult and especially expensive for the common people in Venezuela. Andres' and Mariana's idea of making flour out of banana and yucca is a wonderful idea since they grow very easily in this part of Venezuela. This way, even in times of crisis people can have bread, soup etc. with this flour. The electrical mil cost 150 dollars and the Earth Dinner Movement was able to support 95 dollars.

Andres and Mariana sent this video to the Earth Dinner Movement! We also thank you for your priceless work and your pure love for mother nature!

Video with English subtitles:


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