Gilberto Sanz

Lawyer, MBA in Business Administration and Spanish teacher. One of the most enriching experiences has been to study several semesters of transcultural communication and translation. Life has been as generous as to get to know friends from very different cultures. This is how I've come the conclusion that the problems on this planet are independent of our origin and that it'll take the active participation of all ofus to solve them.

Are there always going to be people who are happier and others who are less happy than ourselves? Amongst all the good intentions and possibilities it isn't so easy to find the right project that gives us the feeling that it meets our expectations.

Why are you active in the association Seeds of Solidarity?

In my experience, many people don't support initiatives because they suppose that their contribution could be too small or because they aren't sure whether their contribution actually reaches the right place. The Earth Dinner concept is simple and convincing. The community creates the power.

The contributions of every single person that participates are sent together to a sustainable project every week, without judging the amount of the contribution. This allows the receivers to change their lives and to then have a positive impact on other people as well.

The Earth Dinner initiative isn’t about convincing others, it’s about raising awareness and interest for the wellbeing of humanity and about taking on responsibility since we are part of this humanity. The movement is sustained by a group of people of diverse origins and ideologies that has one common goal: solidarity.