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This month we are for the first time also supporting a totally Austrian project: GoBugsGo. This association that was founded by the filmmaker Edgar Honetschläger  aims to buy lands in order to free them from agriculture and construction and to hand them over to nature and insects! We all know there is no vegetables when there are no pollinators! A brilliant idea! May GoBugsGo be able to free lots of lands from agriculture and to hand them back over to Mother Nature.

What GoBugsGo is going to do with our support this month is that they want to purchase an area of several hectares in Burgenland. Most of the money is already raised, but there are still a couple of thousands of euros missing. The price of the land is quite cheap so that with every Euro you send them you actually buy one squaremeter land! 


We are supporting GoBugsGo within the topic of Seed Freedom. The last couple of rounds we've been supporting Vandana Siva and Navdanya in India, who are seed savers and who empower Indian farmers! With GoBugsGo we also feel a deep connection with Seed Freedom. They enable nature to keep developing and multiplying its own seeds. This allows nature to remain diverse and this is in the end what allows this planet to stay healthy and balanced!​


Check out the GoBugsGo webpage!

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