Guaraní-Kaiowá - Brasil

This brazilian indigenous people is facing severe difficulties fighting for a space to live. Years ago they have reocuppied lands that used to be their's and have started to create little villages. In order for them to grow roots in these places again, we are supporting them in their wish to reconstrct  praying houses in evey one of these villages, so called retomadas.

We have been able to contribute to the purchase and transport of Sapê, a natural building material that is used to cover the roofs. These materials sometimes have to be bought and transported from other villags. These Praying Houses, Casas de Reza, are the cultural and spiritual heart of a Guaraní-Kaiowá village, tekoha By rebuilding them, the culture is strengthened and more likely to be conserved within this native American community. 

Since the soils of most of these retomadas have been mistreated with agrotoxical substances by agricultural businesses, it is still a big challeng for the Guaraní-Kaiowá to cultivate healthy and abundant vegetables and fruits. They have been starting to combine permacultural and traditional techniques to make the soils fetile and healthy again and to be able to provide themseves with enough food.

Thanks to INRICO Graz we are in direct with the Guaraní-Kaiowá and wish to see this people of earth caretakers strong and self empowered again!

Video message and words of gratitude  from Doriano to the  Earth Dinner supporters :
(with  english  subtitls)

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