Healing knowledge - Guatemala


In this project education and  salary of health assistants are supported through our project partner from Vienna, Austria, the Entwicklungshilfeklub. These women specialize on knowledge about ancestral, traditional herbal medicine and also on easy classical medical assistance. With their help,  people who live far away from hospitals can be taken care of and only the more severe cases have to take on the very long journey to the next hospitals. This project underlines a tendency of  people connecting back to their roots and taking care of their bodies in a sustainable way.

This is how the Entwicklungshilfeklub decribes this project on its homepage:
"To become sick in the highlands of Guatemala gets indigenous families into severe trouble. In these remote areas, hospitals and doctors are very rare. Besides, most families are so poor that they wouldn't be able to afford treatments with expensive drugs anyways. Even small diseases can turn into a real danger that can be lethal especially for children.

Through these health assistants, health assistance can reach the people of the most remote places. In regular visits to the villages, diseases can be recognized and treated at an early stage. The health assistants especially use their knowledge about traditional medicinal plants complementing classical medicine."


Finde more photos and information on this homepage. The information is in Geman but online translation services are alrady doing a really good job.