JAMESTOWN GBEKEBII School of Art and Culture - Ghana



Thank you, Monika Wäg, for presenting this touching school project in Ghana. Monica spent a month as a volunteer, teaching in this special school. The money that is collected this week will be used for meals at school and for christmas presents! Thank you for giving us the chance of getting to know this heart initiative and for inviting us to contribute to it!

This week we are supporting the Jamestown Gbekkebii School of Art and Culture. It was founded by Emmanuel Mawk Hansen in 2017. The goal is to keep the children of the slums of the port of Accra away from child labour and to give them perspectives for a self-empowered future!


Around 150 children between the age of 3 and 14 years old are going to this school at the moment. For many of these children, the food served at this school is the only meal of the day. For just 22,50 Euros on day of school and of meals can be paid for! 675 Euros would mean school and meals for a whole month and 4.050 Euros would mean enabling school and food for half a year! Together we can make a little difference!


As opposed to public schools in Ghana,where children are often beaten with pieces of wood, the atmosphere in this school is relaxed, full of smiles, very alive and full of joy. The main emphasis lies on encouraging the children to deepen their strengths, on creativity and on the development of self-confidence.

Emmanuel, the founder of the school has been running and working there with 7 volunteer teachers. Due to the C. crisis, they are running out of the necessary resources to for keeping up this touching work!


Here you can get an impression of this beautiful project!



Let’s transform too much consumption into real support for these children in Ghana!
Use this link for more information and for doing the act of financially supporting!

Have a wonderful week!