Laura Medioni

I’ve always been curious and I love to travel (I’ve lived in Latin America for several years). I love this so enriching contact with the other, with the “different” (a different language, culture, different realities...).
I also think that the human being is inseparable from their natural surroundings... I feel a very strong bond with nature and in general with everything that is alive: minerals, plants, animals... human beings! We all belong together.

Why are you actively involved in the association "Seeds of Soldiarity"?

Earth Dinner is an open window with a view of the world, an international community that contributes to the fact that there is more justice and equality of possibilities on our planet and that in different areas (socially, environmentally, concerning hygiene, ...). I like to be able to contribute in such a varied field of topics without having to just choose one because there are many causes that touch me. I also like the idea of being able to participate with what I habe at this very moment, together wigh many other people: one euro, five euros, ten, it doesn’t matter!  The union makes for the strength! I really like the projects that Earth Dinner has chosen, they are beautiful and inspiring. At the end I want to say that I find the whole proposal interesting because it makes us rethink and reconsider our everyday consumption choices.