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A translation of what LiScha says about itself on their homepage:


"We at LiScha Himalaya have set ourselves the goal of giving a voice to people who receive little attention in this world. The former indigenous people of Nepal - the Chepang - are people who are driven from their ancestral region and way of life, now forgotten to fight with the consequences of uprooting and poverty. We want to do our part to make the world a little brighter in a “shadow place” like this. Our goal is to provide help to these people, especially girls and women, to find their way out of poverty, illiteracy and lack of opportunities independently and with dignity. They should be able to grow, strengthen and confidently stand up for their rights. Many people are born in poverty, but it is not an unchanging fate! Our focus is:

  • Improving the educational situation for children and adults  

  • Creation of sources of income for particularly disadvantaged families, especially women     

  • Strengthening individual families, strengthening the region

  • Improve the medical situation       

  • Strengthening the role of women        

  • Preserve your own culture and traditions        

  • Creation of environmental awareness and measures to rebuild   already destroyed nature     

  • Strengthening personal responsibility "    

In cooperation with LiScha Himalaya, the Earth Dinner Movement was able to finance fruit trees and beehives for very low-income families. Here are words from LiScha about the intiative "Beehive to secure income. "We select the families most in need and organize the trainings to train the families not only with regard to keeping a beehive, but also with a view to protecting the environment and protecting the remaining forests. We also organize a financial empowerment program that enables other families to build up their own beekeeping. "

For more information in German language please go to: Korb/bienasket-unsere-hilfe

Thank you for the valuable work in Nepal, for the empowerment of the de Chepang ethnic group, women and children!

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