Marina Carias

Why are you actively contributing to the association Seeds of Solidarity?

The Earth Dinner movement has inspired me since the first moment I had contact with its content. It is so beautiful to see people from different realities on the world, joining together to develop this idea that has the goal to support many different kinds of social-environmental projects, feeding our Earth with positives actions. What I see of special about this initiative, is the wide network of areas that are supported and to be able to help, even though little by little, to each one of them, is very gratifying.

Besides that, the fact that this contribution comes from raising awareness of our form of consumption is very exciting for me. I’ve been questioning my way of consuming unnecessary things and realizing that I want to live with less materials things and more meaningful and really necessary belongings. I think this kind of awareness is fundamental to us as one humanity, to change the way of our lives are taking and to make our Earth a place more socially, ecologically and economically habitable.

To be able to help to sow these solidarity and awareness seeds is really beautiful. That’s why I started to contribute to the initiative on the translation to Portuguese. Besides that, I come from Brazil, a place with a lot of social inequality and environmental problems. This way, I want to be able to reach as many as I can that speaks Portuguese, so we can start changing our reality and making people more interested about taking care of mother Earth and all living beings!

Let’s create a more generous and supportive humanity! We have to understand that us, human beings, are connected with all the rest of the nature and everything we do to the planet, we are going to have a directly consequence in our lives! We are one body, one big living being, Gaia! Everything we do to others, we are doing to ourselves! So together, let’s rethink and change our actions and habits?!