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We are happy about people who want to become members of the association "Seeds of Solidarity". Once you have signed up to be a member, you will automatically remain being a member unless you write us one month before the 31st of December to let us know that for the following year you don't wish to be a member anymore.
You can become an ordinary member (you are active in the association, you have the right to vote in the general assembly and you pay the membership fee) or an extraordinary member (you are invited to the associations' meetings but you don't have the right to vote, you pay the membership fee)

yearly flexible membership fee: 24 - 50 Euro
(up to your personal possibilites)

This money helps to finance the costs for maintaining this homepage, for the bank account, for possible advertising campaigns and other expenses that may be necessary for keeping up the initiative "Earth Dinner." 

Members are very welcome to attend the annual general meeting!


If the form a few lines down from here isn't working for technical reasons please write us an email, write "membership" in the header and write us the following information.
Name. Adress. Country. Email. Ordinary or extraordinary member and confirm that you agree with the usage of your data. (I agree with the usage of my personal data according to the European law of privacy.) Thank you!

If not, please fill out this form and send your membership fee to our bank account with the "purpose: Membership Fee 2021".
The usage of all the financial resources will be made public in the yearly report of the association "Samen der Solidarität". (Seeds of Solidarity)

Thank you so much for supporting this movement!

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