Natural Ice Cream - Nacho Emperador - Brasil



This week’s topic of the week on the Earth Dinner Platform is “Letting the heart speak”.
This is where a heart project gets supported. Somebody’s wish. People get encouraged to believe in their visions and dreams in this topic. It is also there to remind us all of the fact that there really is abundance on this planet.

This week’s support will go to Nacho Emperador and to his dream. Let’s have him present himself:

“I have been living in Brasil for three years and I’d like to talk to you about a dream. Right now I’m a cook for special diets, specializing in fermentation and avoiding processed food as much as possible.

When I was still living in the Andes, in La Azulita, Venezuela, I always felt attracted to alchemy (to the transformation of matter into something unique and special) and I got to know the world of cocoa. I learned about the whole process, from planting cocoa trees to making chocolate bars.

In my search for learning and expanding I did two courses about the world of ice cream making in February and April 2021. I’d love to put these skills into practice. Artisanal ice cream uses very little sugar, the sugar can be replaced by other sweeteners and they don’t include any chemical products.

As a father I dream that children can have nutritious ice cream, without lactose for those who need to avoid it, without sugar for those who prefer it like this and only made with natural products, adapted to the diets and necessities of all people.

In order to start to walk on this beautiful path I need to buy an artisanal ice cream machine. Thank you very much in advance for your support! ”

The second-hand machine that Nacho is trying to get costs around 450 Euros. Let’s give him the feeling that dreams exist in order to come true and support him on the Earth Dinner platform right here:

The invitation is to consciously skip an unnecessary act of consumption and to send it to the Earth Dinner movement, which is then going to send 100 percent of the received money to Nacho in Brasil. Naturally, you can just send money from your heart without skipping an act of consumption as well.

Enjoy this act of love!
Earth Dinner. Less consumption. More co-creation!