Navdanya - India

Vandana Shiva (the founder of the NGO Navdanya) is always fighting for free seeds, against patenting of seeds, for organic agriculture and especially for the rights of Indian women working in agriculture.

To this date, Navdanya has created 120 communal seed banks in 17 states of India, during a period of 26 years! This is such important work!

Navdanya offers free seeds to farmers that don’t have seeds and don’t have the money to buy seeds. They return the seeds after they have harvested. This way small farmers are able to start sowing organic sees without having to get a loan. They are also offered training in seed multiplication and organic agriculture. On top of that, they learn about the systems working in agrobusiness and find a conscious way out of dependence, exploitation of themselves and of this planet.

Please go to Navdanya's homepage and find out a lot more about this inspiring and world changing organization!


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