Wawa-Wasi, Peru
Construction of an eco space of learning for children
1.3. - 31.3.2021

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Wawa-Wasi, construction of a holistic eco space of learning for children in Pisac, Perú

This month we are supporting the project Wawa-Wasi in Pisac, Peru. Wawa-Wasi is a space for learning, experiencing and disvovering that draws its inspiration from different alternative pedagogical approaches and from expressive art. Wawa-Wasi means Children’s house and, without a doubt, it contributes to the holistic health and to a happy and free development of children.

Wawa-Wasi acts in harmony with our ecosystem and helps the children understand and live the importance of respect and care for nature through experiential pedagogy and activities like gardening, how to deal with water, separation of waste, composting, recycling etc. It is all about treating this planet in a sustainable, respectful and responsible way and about not seeing oneself as a separate entity from earth but as a part of the whole.

Wawa-Wasi wants to create a sustainable eco learning space: with dry toilets, solar panels, an eco park, a mandala garden and an irrigation system. In order to build this house of holistic learning 1500 Euros have to be paid as a deposit. Then the construction work can be started. Should the money raised on the Earth Dinner platform be more than 1500, Wawa-Wasi will acquire didactical materials, musical instruments etc…

Mario will rent the area of 900 m2 to Wawa-Wasi and he himself will construct the adobe house in the traditonal peruvian way. Then Wawa-Wasi will be able to use the space for several months without having to pay rent and then they will be able to rent it for years for a reasonable price. Lourdes Lankinen, the founder of this project, has the vision that children will be able to spend time at Wawa-Wasi independent of their economic background! Wawa-Wasi wants to create a high-quality learning space with different pedagogical apporaches that can be adapted to the individual needs of a child.

If we our support exceeds the goal of 1500 euros, it will be used for necessary materials for the expansion of the space of Wawa-Wasi, for didactic Montessori and Waldorf materials and for materials for teaching sports, science and carpentry!

We are very happy to be supporting this meaningful project and we certainly will support this project again in the future!

If you also want to participate, you are invited to skip any act of consumption and to dedicate the saved amount of money  it to the project of the week Wawa-Wasi on the Earth Dinner platform. You are also invited to just send money from your heart without skipping an act of consumption. Enjoy shaping this world! 

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