Guarani Kaiowa
01.03. - 07.03.2021

This week we support the Guaraní-Kaiowá communities - indigenous people in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil. Our financial support is going to be used in order to dig one or even two wells in the Retomadas Taquará and Jarará. The creeks in that area are poisoned to such an extent through agrotoxical substances that people really shouldn’t drink out of them, but dig wells.


Isn’t it beautiful to share part of our wealth in a grass roots movement and to sow seeds of solidarity and of sustainabilty together? Our consumption habits have a direct effect on indigenous people in Brasil. Soy and meat are produced there very cheaply, at the cost of the rainforest and the indigenous people. We can start to question our own way of consuming, save money by doing this and dedicate it to this beautiful well project in Brasil on the Earth Dinner platform. The Earth Dinner movement invites to rededicate the value of exaggerated consumption to a beautiful project every single week of the year. However, you are also welcome to just send money from your heart, without changing your way of consumption.

This indigenous Brazilian people are having more and more problems establishing themselves on their own lands. Years ago they reoccupied the lands they originally inhabited and began to settle again in. In order to truly establish themselves, they began to rebuild prayer houses in each of these towns. Among other things, we have been able to contribute to the purchase and transportation of sapê, a natural material they used to cover the ceilings. These materials sometimes have to come from other towns a bit far away. The houses of prayer are the cultural and spiritual heart of this town of caretakers of the land. This is how we try to keep the culture and ancestral wisdom of this people alive.

Some weeks ago Elizeu sent this message from Brasil to the Earth Dinner community.
(portugues with English subtitles)


This is the budget for the construction of the two wells:


Sum: 1.998 Reais = 308 Euros


60 meter long rope                              150 Real

two wheel barrows                             286 Real

two shovels                                        100 Real

two big baskets of food for the workers         380 real

2 pulley                                               990 real

Thank you for your support!
Earth Dinner. Less consumption. More solidarity.

The money transfer

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Thank you for sowing seeds of solidarity and sustainability with us!
Every single planted seed is precious!
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