14.06. - 20.06.2021


This week we support the project "Ruruchay - Casa de Partos" (Ruruchay, birthplace) (photo), in the Sacred Valley, in the Andes of Peru.Peruvian women used to give birth according to their indigenous, traditional wisdom. It was very difficult for Peruvian women to adapt to giving birth in hospitals, away from their sisters and their families.

Ruro, an inspiring woman, midwife and traditional dhoula, is starting to manifest her dream: To build a village for women to give birth in a natural, loving atmosphere, where both traditional dhoulas and western-medicine midwives will be present. Peruvian women and women from all over the world will be able to give birth in this place, that will ensure that the birth process can be lived as something sacred, natural, safe and ancestral! Ruruchay will also be a learning center for women all over the world to learn the ancestral knowledge and wisdom of traditional birth assistants!

Many women prefer to give birth in hospitals. Others would love to give birth in a natural setting! At the moment there aren't many possibilites for this natural option. Let's contribute to this beautiful birth village that is going to change many women's and many little babies' lives! We all know how much of an impact the birth process has for these little creatures and for the rest of their lives!


Ruro talks about her vision in this video with English subtitles!

We wish you a lot of happiness redistributing resources to this amazing project!

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