Reforestation -
Quechua School - Peru


This project touches us a lot because it connects raising awareness about environmental issues like deforestation and reforestation with real action! We had the privilege to get to know the founders  of this Peruvian NGO Celso and Vladimir Vargas in Peru. We were amazed at the their enthusiasm and willpower to enable the children of the little Andean village Colca to learn about ancestral Peruvian knowledge, culture, English language and environmental sustainability.

Celso and Vladimir are trying to preserve and value traditiona ancestral Peruvan knowledge and wisdom. They have created a space for cultural exchange that will hopefully motivate many of the students stay in this beautiful village. The tendency is that young people are leaving their villages, their traditions and agriculture.

In this initiative, we financially support the planting of 2020 trees this year by the students of the village Colca, Cotabambas.

Every tree has a cost of 1,36 euros!
With  272,- 200 trees could be financed.
Less consum
ption - more trees!
This is the plan for the activities that will probably be delayed because oft the worldwide shutdown of activities that we are going through right now.

Start May 2020:
1) Construction of a fence so that lamas, horses, sheep and alpacas won't eat the trees saplings.
2) Workshop concerning the importance concerning reforestation through native trees
3) Purchase and transportation of the tree saplings
4) November 2020 planting of the trees (the best moment for planing this trees)

A very beautiful result of last month: We were going to support Quechua school in Peru with the money for planting 200 autoctonous trees. 272 Euros were needed for this goal. We reached 321,50 Euros! The Quechua school has now communicated that they want to plant 2200 trees this year! This is why we keep this wonderful project on our agenda for the next couple of cycles so we can support them reforesting the Andes! It's school children who are going to do this work in the month of November, which is the best time for planting trees. Before that, they will go through a workshop explaining them why it is so imortant to reforest the Andes!

Read about Quechua School and about this reforestation project on the following homepage!