Solar dehydrator - Venezuela





The project of this week is is a solar dehydrator that Mariana and Andres want to build in Venezuela and that they are going to used especially for drying fruits. They have already received our support for buying an electrical mill. Since then they have been producing mandioca and banana flour and als selling their surplus for accessible prices on the local market. 


With this solar dehydrator they are going to do another step towards food sovereignty. Where they live there is a lot of sunshine all year long. They will be able to save electricity and probably they'll be a source of inspiration for other neighbouring farmers as well! Venezuela really needs innovative and motivated people like them in agriculture! 

Video message from Mariana! (with English subtitles)



12 bakery trays: 65 * 45 cms: 10 dollars per tray: 12 trays: 120 dollars
1 glass: 1 metre * 70 cms: 50 dollars
3 metal plates: 2 metres * 1 metre: 50 dollars pero plate: 150 dolars
2 square metall tubes: 6 metres: 12 dollars per piece: 24 dollars
1 pointed metall tube: 15 dollars
welding: 10 dollars
labor: 50 dollars

Total of required dollars: 419 dollars