Sumak Kawsay - Salas, Perú

Project of the Week - Sumak Kawsay - Salas, Lambayeque, Peru


Ysa Calderón founded the environmental business Sumak Kawsay in order to help Peru towards food sovereignty. She wants to support this cause by helping bees thrive. Reforestation and research are the paths that she is taking in order to make life easier for bees around the district of Salas, in northern Peru. 


She is a woman that also wants to live off of this environmental entrepreneurship. She wants to make a living by living her dream, which is the preservation of bees, reforestation of local trees and food sovereignty for the people of Peru. By selling honey and seeds she eventually wants to make enough money to make a living. Right now, her project is being maintained by people and organizations that support her vision and her work.


Ysa is cooperating with the peruvian biologist Stefany Liau-Kang who is right now studying and doing research in a laboratory in Brasil. There, these two women are trying to find out which tree’s polen the native bees most need. According to these studies in the laboratory, Ysa wants to reforest the trees that are most necessary for the bees to survive and to thrive. 


Ysa is now concentrating on planting Palo Santo trees, which are becoming endangered due to their international value as a medicinal plant. It is very inspiring to talk with Ysa and to hear her enthusiasm for nature and for the preservation and restoration of ecosystems. 


The money that is going to be raised on the Earth Dinner platform in the week from the 22th of February to the 29th of February is going to be used for several investments. Sumak Kawsay needs to buy a camera in order to take pictures, make videos, keep records of what they are doing and what their impact is, in order to be able to show this on the social media. They also would like to buy beehives and boxes for regional stingless bees. Another thing that Ysa would like to buy is a Hypsometer Laser, which would help them to measure the exact height of the local trees, which they want to do as a part of their scientific approach to restoring the original ecosystem.


By supporting Sumak Kawsay on the Earth Dinner Platform this week, we support the preservation of bees, reforestation with Palo Santo trees, scientific research and, very importantly, the empowerment and the business of a woman that is living her dream and trying to make a living off of this!


This is Ysa talking to us in a video (English subtitles):


Support Sumak Kawsay following this link:


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