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Tartarú, Maraú, Brasil … Conservation of sea turtles

Tartarú is part of the word tartaruga, which means turtle in portuguese. João Batista, the founder of this non-profit organization has been taking care of  sea turtles in Maraú, Brazil, for thrity years. It's his passion, his mission to care for life and nature. 

Turtles are prehistoric animals that have existed for 100 millions of years. They travel very very far and have an amazing sense of orientation. They can reach an age of 100 years and only after 30 years a sea turtle starts to reproduce. Even though female turtles lay around 20 000 eggs in the course of a lifetime, only one out of one thousand eggs survives up to the age of reproduction!

Tartarú protects areas where turtles lay their eggs (the turtle lays eggs where she was born!) and organizes cleaning days so that turtles don't end up being caught up in or eating plastic, oil etc... They also do workshops of raising awareness in schools so that children already learn how to take care of and protect these amazing beings!

Tartarú surveys an area of 44 kilometres, where there are 4 endangered species of turtles! Between September and March, in the turtle season, they do daily walks in order to monitor the nests and eggs. Right now, many Brazilians are suffering economically from the consequences of extended times in quarantine. Our contribution will help the volunteers to keep doing their precious work in spite of the difficult economic situation that they are facing right now. 

Let's support this heart project that protects these carriers of wisdom and life, sea turtles!
For us it is about consciously skipping any unnecessary act of consumption and dedicating the saved amount of money to this wonderful project on the Earth Dinner platform. For the sea turtles this means survival and for Tartarú this means being able to keep serving these animals from their hearts! Thank you for your participation and for opening your heart!

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