Organic seed bank in Teresópolis - Brasil

The agroecological association of Teresópolis was founded in 2005 and its mission is:
"It is our aim to promote the production of agroecological products, solidary economy, food sovereignty and food and nutritional safety for the people."

One of their projects is a community seed bank. The members of the association are invited to donate seeds and plants, so that there is always plenty and a large variety of seeds available. When you take out seeds of the seed bank you are supposed to give back a larger quantity of seeds once you have harvested. This principle of generosity makes the seed bank grow constantly and thus conserves many regional, well adapted and natural varieties of plants. At the same time, farmers have the possibility to grow many varieties without having to pay for the seeds!

This beautiful project was recommended to us by our colleagues from Earth Dinner Brasil (jantar da terra. Instagram: earthdinner_brasil) Let's support this so meaningful project through our conscious decisions of non-consumption!

Get an idea of this association on this homepage written in Portuguese!

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