Tupinambá - Brasil


This week we’ll support around 200 families in the indigenous village of Tukum so that they can buy food and hygiene products since they’re not able to do most of their economic activities due to the current worldwide quarantine measures.
Here the words of chieftain Ramón Tupinambá:

“To all brothers and sisters,
I am  Ramon Tupinambá the chieftain and indigenous leader who lives in the Tukum village belonging to the Tupinambá de Olivença indigenous territory in southern Bahia, the first territory to fight against the colonists' invasion since 1500. We live within the forests of the Mata Atlantic where we develop various activities such as: agriculture, extractivism, artisanal fishing and also our clothing arts. Due to the imminent danger of Covid19 and the WHO guidelines that recommend us not leave our villages because we are native people who are at great risk of contamination, we are isolated, so we are experiencing difficulties because we cannot do many of our economic activities like taking what we produce to the cities to be sold. I come through this communication vehicle, ask for support in resources to purchase supplies that are already in the final stages of our supplies in our huts as well as basic cleaning tools, in this sense I thank on behalf of our community for all the support of you all brothers and sisters that can add up together at this point. You may use the Earth Dinner bank account for loving donations. May the great spirit enlighten all of you and give much health. We haven't had a case of coronavirus yet.

With all our gratitude, may the Great Spirit enlighten your families strongly. And may we all continue in this prayer of solidarity, faith and love, Aientên.”

What a wonderful opportunity to support these caretakers of the Earth in challening times!