Roots of life - Bangladesh


Huni Kuin

Huni Kuin


In collaboration with our project partner, the Entwicklungshilfeklub from Vienna, we support the project “Roots if Life” in the area of “The earth nourishes - sustainable agriculture”. This initiative gives poor villagers the chance to produce food and to have a small extra income by providing them with fruit trees saplings and knowhow. Families empower themselves by growing and caring for these trees and become more food-sovereign!


The organization Entwicklungshilfeklub describes the project as follows:


“The families won’t just be able to improve their own situation but they’ll also really make a big contribution to the planting of trees in their villages,” says the project leader Abdullah-Al-Maamuneinen referring to this point as being very special about this intiative. From the beginning on a lot of importance is given to the fact that the inhabitants of the villages take responsibility for their trees. For, once these trees have rooted, they can serve for decades when they are well cared for and thus provide fruits, timber and shadow to future generations.


The village decides:


Since this unites the village community and  strengthens the feeling of belonging, it’s the villagers themselves that decide which families are going to receive trees, plant, water and care for them first. These families can then harvest the fruits, feed the leaves to the animals and use the extra wood ( like for example dead branches). Usually it’s the same families that are already involved in a program that tackles the problem of poverty."


For more information (in German) please go to the webpage of the Entwicklungshilfeklub.